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Welcome To                                       NKALKA MODELS

We are a small family of model railway enthusiasts with particular interest in UK outline Diesels - mainly the hydraulics around the Western Region. We are also fans of the DC Electrics Tommy, and Classes EM1 (BR Class 76) and EM2 (BR Class 77) which operated over the Woodhead route between Manchester and Sheffield, and these locomotives will also feature in our product offerings over the coming months.

Having modelled in UK outline in Gauges N, OO, EM, P4 and more recently O Gauge, we are now scaling up with ventures into Gauges 1 and 3, whilst also flirting with 1/32nd Scale.

"Bridge Norton and Westbridge" is an "O" Gauge DCC Layout which is occasionally to be seen out and about on the Show scene, and has been a frequent visitor to the Diesel Maintenance Depot on the Severn Valley Railway at Kidderminster. Very popular with show visitors as they get to do most of the driving!

If you have an enquiry about Bridge Norton, or would like us to attend your show, then please e-mail us at or phone Ian on 07732 057585.

Models which are currently in development include:-

Gauge 1 

BR Class 52 "WESTERN" Diesel Hydraulic

1/32nd Scale 

BR Class 52 "WESTERN" Diesel Hydraulic

Gauge 3

BR Class 52 "WESTERN" Diesel Hydraulic

Gauge 1 

BR Class 03 Diesel - Very poular little shunter

Gauge 1

EM1 - DC Electric - Class 76

Gauge 3

EM1 - DC Electric - Class 76

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