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Bridge Norton (& Westbridge)

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

Whilst working as volunteers on the Class 52 diesel hydraulics locomotives under the ownership and stewardship of the Western Locomotive Association (the "WLA"), Ian and Dave had an idea to combine our passions for all things railways by putting together a simple DCC diorama that could be taken to both modelling and general railway related events, whilst promoting both our local modelling club and the WLA. Initial discussion took place and the Bridge Norton diorama is the fruits of a "speed build" in the 6 weeks running up to the 2012 O Gauge Guild Exhibition at Telford. We hope you like it - it was great fun to do.

Our First Show

O Gauge Guild Show, Telford 8th and 9th September 2012

Supporting the

Western Locomotive Association


Kidderminster Again 7 & 8th April 2018


The return of the Saddleworth Museum charity event in support of Macmillans in March 2020 saw a return to the show scene for Bridge Norton, and a most enjoyable event it was too!

Where Next?

Swindon "A" Shop?

what else do we do?

Rabbit Boarding

Guinea pig boarding

Small furries boarding

Pet pregnancy scanning


Animal Aromatherapy

Forage food

Forage book

Dripless water bottles

Guinea pig grooming

Rabbit grooming

Pop in pedicures

Scent gland cleaning

Boar cleaning

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