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Price list (notices for price changes will be found on the NKALKA facebook page)

All prices are per nights stay, min of 2 nights charge.

Max of 2 rabbits per 4 foot single storey holiday home.

3+ rabbits in 5 foot x 2 foot holiday home/ 2 storey holiday home - please call to discuss - you know your rabbits.

3-4 guineapigs depending size and which holiday home.


We will require that the deposit for a booking will need to be paid within 3 days of the booking being made otherwise I will no longer be able to maintain the reserved accommodation and it will be re-released.

I trust this you will understand the situation and not be an inconvenience to you.

kind regards


what else do we do?

Rabbit Boarding

Guinea pig boarding

Small furries boarding

Pet pregnancy scanning


Animal Aromatherapy

Forage food

Forage book

Dripless water bottles

Guinea pig grooming

Rabbit grooming

Pop in pedicures

Scent gland cleaning

Boar cleaning

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