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Collecting your baby rabbit

Collecting your new family pet.

You must bring a suitable pet carrier when you come to pick up your new rabbit.

You will need to line it with an old tea towel or old tee-shirt covered over with hay. This helps your bunny to grip and stay stable whilst travelling back home with you, otherwise your bunny could get injured when slipping around in the carrier.

We do accept courier - this must be arranged and paid for by you. A photo will be taken of your rabbit before it travels to you.

I’ve heard about a case this week where someone was travelling in their car with their rabbit in a pet carrier that wasn’t lined.

When the rabbit reached its destination there was something wrong with its legs and upon being vet checked the results were frightening.

As the rabbit was travelling in a bare carrier in a moving car it had nothing to grip onto as the car went round bends. The rabbit had tried to keep from falling and it resulted in ‘splayed legs’ and the poor bunny was put to sleep.

The owner was devastated to hear that a simple lining of newspaper or an old towel could have prevented this.

[edit] (before putting hay in as hay alone won’t work.)

Not only does lining your pet carrier help your rabbit have something to grip on, the lining also soaks up accidental messes, which most rabbits do whilst travelling. The base of carriers is a very smooth plastic and an unnatural surface for a rabbit.

So please line your pets carriers, with newspaper, an old towel or vetbed just like these two have been!

Please feel free to share this information💕🐰

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