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Going on holiday?

Going on holiday ….

We realise that you have just got your new family members. They can't always go on holiday with you soooo....

Your bunny will need vaccinations to cover Myximatosis, VHD1 and VHD2. to stay at a bunny hotel to protect your bunny and other bunnies.

- you wouldn't want an unprotected bunny coming into an area where your bunny is would you?

We also run

NKALKA Bunny Hotel

click here to go to the Bunny Hotel page

what else do we do?

Rabbit Boarding

Guinea pig boarding

Small furries boarding

Pet pregnancy scanning


Animal Aromatherapy

Forage food

Forage book

Dripless water bottles

Guinea pig grooming

Rabbit grooming

Pop in pedicures

Scent gland cleaning

Boar cleaning

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